DSE And Health & Safety Assessments

Atlas Back Care DSE assessments are carried out by professional personnel who are dedicated to providing a service which will enhance your employees’ well being at work. Trained in Occupational health with a medical back ground, they also have comprehensive product knowledge of both bespoke and retail items to best suit your employees’ needs.

We can provide ergonomic assessments in the office workplace throughout England and Wales.

Assessment Dimensions 300x185 - Ergonomic Chairs & Sit-Stand Desks

We offer three types of Assessment. Our Online Workstation Assessment is absolutely FREE.  Please complete the online form by clicking here then a product recommendation will be provided based on details given via the online form.  Or select one of the Assessments below.

The findings and recommendations will be treated as confidential and will be forwarded following the interview in the form of a short but comprehensive report. This system of assessment is cost effective and provides quick and effective solutions for personnel in today’s working environment.

  • Clinical Workstation Assessment

    RH Activ back height - Ergonomic Chairs & Sit-Stand Desks
    £150.00 (£125.00 + VAT) View Product
    Clinical Workstation Assessment This is a more in depth assessment, providing a solution to ongoing discomfort or pain at the workstation. You can buy these assessments here by clicking 'buy'
  • Standard Product Assessment

    dreamstime xs 67308808 - Ergonomic Chairs & Sit-Stand Desks
    £50.00 (£41.67 + VAT) View Product
    Standard Product Assessments carried out be a knowledge health care professional and in a courteous respectful manor. Please see the specifications or contact us for more information.